Dental products made by CMS Dental

Dental products and equipment made by CMS Dental. We produce Flashmax, FotoSan, Softcore and the oral probiotic ProlacSan


Flashmax® P3

Curing Light

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Flashmax® P7

FlasMax P7 LAD and curing light

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FotoSan® LAD

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FlashMax Wide Spectrum

FlashMax® Wide Spectrum

Wide Spectrum

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prolacsan lozens blisterkort


Oral probiotic

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softcore regular

SoftCore® Regular

Obturator root canal

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SoftCore® oven

Fast end easy to clean 

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Root n' screw brush

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onestep cms dental


Obturator root canal

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one-step oven cms dental

OneStep® oven

Fast and easy to clean

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