Patients | What affects your oral biofilm ?

Oral biofilms play an important role in your oral defense.

A healthy biofilm also helps you to be in better health.
So the diseases we have in the oral cavity are affected by the composition of the biofilm and it is, therefore, vital to take action where you can to improve it. Here you can read the most important things to know about your oral biofilm and what you can do to improve its composition.

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Bacterial composition of biofilm

The first two, which you can't do much about, are genetic factors and any illness you may have. Typical examples are diabetes, metabolic diseases, or hormonal disorders. You must be diagnosed and in treatment and then you can do something good for your body with your lifestyle.

The third factor is your lifestyle. You can influence this to a great extent, which is why you must know the factors that affect the bacterial composition of your biofilm.
Roughly speaking, it is your lifestyle, together with the first two factors, that has determined which biofilm you have at any given time. This does not mean that it is easy to change the composition of the bacteria it is very difficult once it has formed. This is why you usually need help with active treatments, which we write about on this page.

To simplify, there are lifestyle factors that directly affect the bacterial composition of your biofilm, and then there are lifestyle factors that affect indirectly via the influence of your immune system.


Direct factors may include:

  1. Medication you take.
  2. Sugar in your diet.
  3. Additives in your diet, including artificial sweeteners.
  4. Lack of nutrients and dietary fiber in your diet.
  5. Tobacco smoking.

Indirect factors may include:

  1. Moderate to severe overweight.
  2. Dietary composition.
  3. Tobacco smoking.
  4. Medication you are taking.