CMS Dental is founded by two doctors who worked from the theory that diseases of the oral cavity affect the health of the rest of the body and should be given the same focus as other diseases of the body. 

Over the years, this has been the driving force in developing unique treatments for diseases of the oral cavity.

about cms dental


CMS Dental is a company dedicated to establishing itself as a leading international provider of specialty products and treatment concepts for the modulation of biofilm and thus the prevention of infectious conditions of the oral cavity. It is particularly in the specialties of endodontics and periodontics that the company distinguishes itself with unique solutions for prevention and bacterial control.

The company develops and markets products that help people achieve a healthy oral cavity and thereby preserve their natural teeth. It does this by preventing and improving the prognosis of patients with periodontitis and significantly reducing the risk of infection after root canal treatment.

In the field of endodontics, the company has developed two different root filling systems, based on a plastic core surrounded by natural gutta-percha. These systems are easy and safe to use and provide dense root fillings.

Infections with certain types of pathogenic bacteria, such as P.gingivalis, in the oral cavity, are closely associated with the development of systemic chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's, oral and tracheal cancer, pancreatic cancer, and arthritis.

A key factor in preventing oral cavity infections and inflammation is to achieve a healthy oral cavity biofilm.


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They saw the light and its effects over 30 years ago


When doctors Jimmie Kert and Lisbeth Rose originally started the company in 1993, they were already focused on laser treatment and the possibilities that lay within this exciting new field.

The method was used to treat inflammatory conditions and pain control.

Since then, the company has developed its work with LAD for bacterial control.

LAD (light-activated disinfection) is a treatment method in which light is used in conjunction with a photoinitiator to eliminate microorganisms.