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Oral thrush is mainly caused by Candida albicans, which is found in about 50% of the population.

It is not normally a problem, but it can develop into a parasite when the bacterial balance of the oral cavity is affected by various factors.

What can you do to keep your mouth healthy?

Thorough daily dental hygiene and check-ups are of course important, but they do not change the bacterial composition. You can change the bacterial composition by taking lactic acid bacteria such as ProlacSan® for the oral cavity. Lactic acid bacteria strengthen your oral cavity by affecting your biofilm and achieving a healthy bacterial balance.

Strengthen your oral cavity with ProlacSan® lactic acid bacteria.


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Cause of oral cavity fungus

Fungal infections (mucositis) of the oral cavity and pharynx are a common consequence of factors affecting the bacterial balance of the oral cavity. These are typically diseases, side effects of some types of medical treatment, or lifestyle problems altogether.

Health factors

Some of the health conditions that can cause the development of oral cavity fungus (mucositis) are:

Dry mouth (Xerostomia)


Diseases that weaken the immune system

Medical factors

Treatments that increase the risk of oral thrush (mucositis) are:

- Long-term antibiotic treatments, as one of the most frequent causes. Antibiotics kill the bacteria in the oral cavity, giving the fungus room to grow and spread.

Prolonged use of mouthwashes


Asthma medicines in spray form

Radiation therapy of the head and neck region


Lifestyle factors

Lifestyle is also a contributing factor to the development of oral cavity fungus and the mucous membranes of the oral cavity are negatively affected by the following factors:

- Smoking, use of oblique

- Consumption of large amounts of sugar, including soft drinks

- Poor oral hygiene

In general, oral cavity fungus occurs when there is an imbalance in the bacterial flora of the oral cavity. This is not an infectious inflammation, but rather an overgrowth of fungi (a so-called opportunistic infection).


Symptoms of mucositis are often:

White and sometimes red coatings on the tongue, palate, and pharynx. It can cause discomfort when eating food and drinking hot and cold drinks. At times it can progress to become very painful and cause patients great difficulty in consuming food, especially spicy food.

There are several things you can do to improve the situation if you have oral thrush. Lifestyle factors you can directly influence and if you take asthma spray, you should rinse your mouth after using the spray.

Clinical experience also shows that a supplement of new beneficial oral bacteria can both strengthen your biofilm and relieve symptoms.


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