FlashMax Wide Spectrum offers many advantages

Get fully cured fillings in no time

For standard layered fillings, you'll need 2 seconds for each layer and 3 seconds for the final layer. For ortho use, you need to cure 1 second per contact point.

It simply can't get any faster!

Cures all plastic types

The FlashMax Wide Spectrum light is a must-have for clinics working with different types of composites and photoinitiators. The curing light has a super short curing time at each contact point. 1 SECOND.

We've thought about ergonomics

First of all, it only weighs 120 g. Secondly you have two buttons on the upper side for lower jaw use and two buttons on the lower side for upper jaw use. If you need repeated activations, for example for large fillings or orthodontics, you can select a program so you only need to press once.

We've thought about hygiene

In general, we recommend that you routinely use a disposable cover bag. This ensures optimal hygiene and eliminates the risk of cross-contamination. It also saves time on sanitizing between patients. If you need to cure right up against the gingiva, there are light guide tips to ensure that light only shines on the area of the composite.

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