LAD is particularly suitable for killing bacteria in confined areas, such as pockets and root canals, but also on other surfaces. The only condition is that enough light must be able to reach the treated area to start the process.

LAD has several advantages

  • It works on all types of bacteria
  • Has no side effects.
  • Can be repeated.
  • There is no risk of developing resistance.

The treatment is quick and inexpensive and can be performed by dental hygienists during preventive care, dental cleanings, and check-ups at the clinic.

LAD is not a stand-alone treatment as the bacteria will return after a short time if the oral bacterial environment that forms part of the biofilm is not changed. Therefore, LAD must be followed by a "Bacterial replacement" - also called probiotic supplementation.

This involves adding beneficial bacteria that can upset the balance of bacteria in the oral cavity.

The rationale is to correct an imbalance between these bacteria that causes most oral cavity diseases. The balance needs to be restored so that the body can reduce the inflammation process.