Soft-Core® Endodontic Obturator

A safe and effective root canal filling system.

Root filling with Soft-Core® is easy and provides a perfect apical seal.

Soft-Core® can be used for root canal fillings instrumented with traditional hand files as well as with all known rotary file systems on the market.

How the system works

The Soft-Core® obturator consists in all its simplicity of a radiopaque plastic core surrounded by natural thermoplastic gutta-percha. The plastic core is available in ISO sizes # 20-70.

The obturator is heated in the Soft-Core® oven, plasticizing the outer layer of gutta-percha.

The plastic core remains firm but flexible and therefore easily follows the curvature of the root canal.

It is a quick, easy and safe method to create a dense root filling.

Why is that?

Because the solid core ensures that gutta-percha reaches the apex.

That a certain lateral pressure is applied, forcing the gutta-percha into side channels and outcrops. 

3 good reasons to choose SoftCore®


Heating an obturator takes 1 minute.

It takes 5-10 seconds to insert an obturator into the root canal.


You have set the rubber stopper to the working length before placing it in the oven. Now it just needs to be inserted. Once the gutta-percha has hardened (it takes 4-5 minutes) remove the handle. The rest of the core remains in the root canal.


Over 20 million root fillings have been made with Soft-Core®, which has proven to be a quality product.




CMS Dental started back in the 1990's manufacturing endo products

Soft-Core® Endodontic Obturator
One-Step Obturator™

All development and production of the two patented root filling products have been done in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute. CMS Dental specializes in the manufacture of precision root canal filling products. Everything is produced in our factory in Glyngøre.

The story begins with Soft-Core, which was developed and marketed in 1996, and later One-Step was added.

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For more than 25 years CMS Dental has been producing dental obturators.

CMS Dental is the only company in the world to use natural Gutta Percha for its root canal filling products.

Natural Gutta Percha is the raw material approved for use in root canal filling of teeth and it has proven to be the optimal material for root canal filling.

Natural Gutta Percha has been used for more than 100 years for root canal filling of teeth.

Every year, 1 million root fillings are performed with Soft-Core worldwide.





Important info about root canal filling

Before filling a root canal, you need to make sure that the root canal is free of bacteria.

CMS Dental has therefore developed a treatment concept to eliminate bacteria in the root canal, called LAD (Light-activated disinfection), and it consists of a light source and a photosensitizer. The light activates the photosensitizer, which produces reactive oxygen that kills microbes in the root canal in milliseconds. Where light can penetrate and activate the photosensitizer, the method is highly effective and without side effects.

LAD is used after a thorough cleaning of the canal.

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