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The road has been long and winding, but worth it

When doctors Jimmie Kert and Lisbeth Rose originally started the company in 1993, they were already focused on laser treatment and the possibilities that lay within this exciting new field.

It was a subject they had been working on since 1986 and on which they have written several books. They described the experience of treating inflammatory conditions and pain control. Since then, the company has developed its work with light and its use for bacterial control, including biofilm control in the oral cavity.

This is a treatment concept using LAD (light activated disinfection), an exciting field where light is used in conjunction with a photoinitiator to eliminate microorganisms.

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As a natural extension of the work with LAD used for bacterial control, a probiotic ProlacSan® was added to the product range. ProlacSan® is a probiotic that strengthens the biofilm in the oral cavity, thereby helping the patient achieve an improved bacterial balance.

The work with bacteria control has arisen as a natural consequence of the work with light over many years and the interest in new treatment methods and alternatives to the traditional methods.


A very important area such as bacterial balance has therefore occupied a great deal of space in recent years and has also resulted in the publication of a book on this fascinating subject.

In addition to the products, which sprang from a deep interest and commitment to a life-enhancing and preventive form of treatment, the two doctors have developed a simple and effective root filling system that is used all over the world. Again, the aim was to preserve patients' natural teeth and improve the biofilm of the oral cavity.





Book publications

- Laser Therapy published1986

- Clinical Laser Treatment danish version (Low Level Laser Therapy) published 1989

- Clinical Laser Therapy (Low Level Laser Therapy) published 1989

- Sund med dine gode bakterier danish version published 2016.

- Being Healthy with Your Own Good Bacteria E.book published 2018.

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