The FlasMax P7 offers many other benefits

LAD treatment what is it?

FlashMax P7 is used together with QROXB2 to kill microorganisms in the biofilm and is used as an adjunct in the treatment of various disease conditions or as part of the pre-treatment at the dentist. You can read more about this in the individual sections under biofilm control.

With the FlashMaxP7 concept, the composition of the biofilm is improved to act as a natural protective layer against external pathogenic bacteria.

Eliminating the pathogenic bacteria is an important part of the treatment, especially in patients with underlying medical conditions and other disorders that can result from the presence of pathogenic bacteria in a dysbiotic biofilm.

FlasMax®P7 is used for pre-treatment and as an adjunct to other dental treatments.


Endodontic disinfection
Surgical disinfection

Supplement to other dental treatment

A complement to dental treatment of
Oral candida infection
Recurrent herpes infections
Oral lichen planus

​​​Get cured fillings fast

For regular layered fillings, apply 1 second for each layer and 3 seconds for the final layer. It simply can't get any faster!

Ergonomics and working environment

FlashMax P7 is ergonomic, has a pen grip, and can be operated by both right and left hands.
It can be turned around and operated from the top and bottom of the lamp, avoiding awkward postures.
Low noise.
A short time at the treatment chair benefits both patients and staff.

Hygiene and safety

CMS Dental supplies disposable plastic protective covers, specially designed for FlashMax P7, to avoid cross-contamination.

A hard plastic protective cover and a disposable tip ensure that the gingiva does not come into direct contact with the light source, thereby reducing the risk of tissue heating.